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Here the trail ran straight for a considerable distance, and down the shady forest aisle, beneath the overarching branches of the trees, rode the white-robed figure of the pursuer.
About nine o'clock the moon was sufficiently bright for me to proceed on my way and I had no difficulty in following the trail at a fast walk, and in some places at a brisk trot until, about midnight, I reached the water hole where Powell had expected to camp.
The stars came out, very near and sharp and bright, and by their light dogs and men still kept the trail. They were indefatigable.
At a turning of the trail he came in sight of her again upon another straight stretch.
It was the signal for the charge and the vocal organs were shaped for the thunderous roar when, as lightning out of a clear sky, Sheeta, the panther, leaped suddenly into the trail between Numa and the deer.
Through daylight and dark I follow the bark I keep like a hound on her trail; I'm strongest at noon, yet under the moon, I stiffen the bunt of her sail."
"But in the picture there are many sun-dogs, and it comes into my mind to call it 'The Sun-Dog Trail.' It was a long time ago, seven years ago, the fall of '97, when I saw the woman first time.
That is why the first trail turned aside so quickly.
The trail was in excellent condition, well packed and hard, and there was no new-fallen snow with which to contend.
He was moving south along a game trail, his calloused soles and knuckles giving forth no sound, when he came upon Dango at the opposite side of a small clearing.
In retracing their way after losing Rokoff's trail Tarzan picked it up again at a point where the Russian had left the river and taken to the brush in a northerly direction.
The trail crossed a fresh trail, a trail very fresh, very immediately fresh.