train of thought

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Do you mean to say that you read my train of thoughts from my features?
What followed, however, was definitely not the sort of thing that ought to get in the path of an oncoming train of thought.
Train Of Thought could turn out again in the 1m4f handicap here on Sunday, but Thunder Mountain, a second winner for Weld in the juvenile maiden, has done his work for the week.
Train of thought two would promote the careful and wise use of the guns like the aforementioned Sharps rifle and Colt Official Police revolver.
A corollary to this train of thought is that the historically unprecedented levels of immigration, much of it illegal, benefits the U.
You love a good verbal debate, so hang with provocative people who challenge your train of thought.
Ian has a train of thought that to make the greens too fast would be to the advantage of the Americans.
I kind of lost my train of thought with that one,'' the 37-year-old actor said.
It just set off a train of thought and hopefully people will see what we have done and follow our lead.
For some reason, they never seem to lose their train of thought and just shut up.
Her light adolescent voice keeps time with the instant text messaging format, the leaping capital letters, and Mia's rapid train of thought.
He makes it easier for us to follow his train of thought by slowing the dancers almost to a standstill, thereby intensifying the act of watching.