train of thought

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Why did you derail my train of thought from the fast track to the not-going-at-all track by saying this is an urgent call, when it obviously isn't?
The trainer is considering taking on Train Of Thought in Sunday's 1m4f handicap.
Train of thought two would promote the careful and wise use of the guns like the aforementioned Sharps rifle and Colt Official Police revolver.
The author focuses on origins, beliefs and practices, and seeks to convey a sense that each of the NRMs contains a definite train of thought and internal coherence.
For some reason, they never seem to lose their train of thought and just shut up.
Her light adolescent voice keeps time with the instant text messaging format, the leaping capital letters, and Mia's rapid train of thought.
He makes it easier for us to follow his train of thought by slowing the dancers almost to a standstill, thereby intensifying the act of watching.
The authors' train of thought is wide-ranging and engaging, all the while bringing us back to hard facts concerning real design elements like material, light, colour, threshold and decoration.
So people really need to change their train of thought and start planning for the future.
P DEADLINE day came and went with very little activity from our local clubs to boost the train of thought that the football money pit has run dry.
The original "It Girl" babbled, fiddled with her hair and at times seemed to lose her train of thought altogether during E4's Big Brother, Little Brother.