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Further investigation is needed to better understand the trainability of intrinsic-static spatial skills such as disembedding and how to teach these skills most effectively.
In his plenary Individuality-a Physiological Perspective, ECSS past president Hans Hoppeler reviewed studies showing that maximum oxygen uptake and trainability of maximum oxygen uptake have substantial heritability, but genes have failed to explain the individual differences.
(2011), three main criteria were established to validate the NF protocol followed in this study: alterations of the desired bands, enhancement of beta1 and maintenance or a decrease of the theta band due to the training (trainability); a lack of change in untrained bands, for which we examined SMR (independence); a relation of the EEG changes with the affective/cognitive variables of interest, which we expected to see manifested as a decrease in anxiety levels and improvement in sustained attention (interpretability).
If the pup comes to me and actively seeks and maintains contact, this is indicative of a pup that should receive high marks in biddability and trainability.
Williams also believes he's partial to Dieter's breed because of their trainability, will to work and temperament.
But now, with the growing need for automation in factories to enable quicker, more efficient operations, cobots are becoming increasingly able to take on more 'human' capabilities and traits such as sensing, dexterity, memory and trainability. As a result, they're also taking on a greater range of jobs--such as picking and packaging, testing or inspecting products, or assembling minute electronics.
Chosen for their compact size, trainability, and intelligence, the retrievers start avalanche school as puppies and at age two graduate as full-fledged rescue dogs, on call both for the resort and in the Alaska backcountry.
The Miniature Australian Shepherd, who originated on ranches in the American West, is noted for intelligence, trainability and devotion to his family.
Moreover, hounds are less receptive to obedience trainability (7, 23) .
"A Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, Sheeba is a cross between a wolf and a German Shepherd and has been bred for its temperament, strength, stamina and trainability," said Karalynn, adding that she is extremely sociable as she has been reared with other animals.