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Among the latest in-service development in trainable launchers, Rheinmetall has unveiled at the Euronaval 2014 exhibition near Paris a new version of its market-leading Multi-Ammunition Soft-kill System (Mass) with an anti-torpedo capability, represented by up to four DCNS Canto decoys launchers.
Mid-career CPAs now must prove that they are just as flexible, trainable and savvy as their younger and less-experienced counterparts, says Laurie Eppler, a former recruiter with Accountants Inc.
Each is trainable, but they must be trained collectively because they are parts of a larger whole.
This trainable device is simple to operate: the user connects Eyebot to any video camera, presents acceptable products to Eyebot, and pushes a button to start the LEARN process.
German Shepherds are known to be bold, courageous and easily trainable.
Michael Kharfen, Director of Public Affairs at the HHS Administration for Children and Families, says his Department of Labor colleagues may be right about the skill level of most welfare recipients, but that many attempting to escape welfare may indeed be trainable for skilled nursing home and long-term care work.
This document presents the definitions and special education eligibility requirements for the categories of educable mental retardation and trainable mental retardation for 13 states.
Interpellating us as trainable seals, we were tempted with the coveted "audience VIP card" awarded by preppers to well-performing audience members.
The Eugene theater wants to cast a tiny, actor-friendly, trainable canine to play Bruiser in its spring production of "Legally Blonde.
The study, carried out on behalf of Eukanuba, found puppy foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acid DHA can lead to smarter, more trainable dogs.