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The department decided that CAT personnel would receive refresher training in conventional Mobile Field Force concepts to bring everyone up to the same competence level, regardless of when the academy had initially trained them.
the Minority Worker Training Program--awardees successfully trained more than 2,600 young minority adults in worker health and safety for construction and environmental cleanup;
They also trained the military observer teams that are deployed to Sierra Leone (UNAMSTL).
The overall goal of NRSA training programs is to ensure that highly trained scientists will be available in adequate numbers and in appropriate scientific areas to carry out the biomedical and behavioral health research agenda of the United States.
The SOF "A-Teams" trained at Fort Leonard Wood deploy to different theaters around the world to train the indigenous population how to demine.
The Occupational Specialist I training program in Indiana for the 1992-93 academic year trained 49 new vocational and technical education teachers with all program areas except agriscience and business represented.