trained person

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Information, the council recommends, should preferably be provided through personal verbal communication with a trained person whom the child trusts and written material in a clear language should be used as well.
28, a display of fireworks qualifies as a community fireworks display if it complies with all of the following conditions: it is conducted on the occasion or as part of a celebration, competition, or similar event in a venue other than a place of residence; it is conducted under the supervision of a trained person duly-licensed by the Philippine National Police; it is allowed by the municipality/city concerned through a permit specifying the date and time of the fireworks display and the specific area in which the display will be conducted, in conformity with national standards, rules and regulations," the health chief cited the EO.
28 limits the use of allowable firecrackers to 'community fireworks display,' or those held in a venue other than the place of residence, and under the supervision of a trained person licensed by the Philippine National Police, and allowed by the municipality or city through a permit which specifies the date, time, and specific area in which it will be conducted.
Such use qualifies as community fireworks display if they are conducted as part of a celebration held in a venue other than the place of residence, and under the supervision of a trained person licensed by the Philippine National Police.
You can limit it a little bit, but a trained person will spot the difference.
Mr Horton added: "We have always said we will have a second safety trained person rostered on every train that has one today and have guaranteed these jobs until the end of our franchise in 2021.
It is, however, very important that schools think more about student health and how it aligns with student achievement, and for every school to have a trained person on staff to handle students' health needs.
The carer's assessment is normally a face-to-face meeting with a trained person, either from the council or an organisation it works with.
One of the trainers at Doha Corniche, Jilson who works for Qatar Petroleum Air Ambulance, said that the present norm in administering CPR is to give 120 chest compressions in a minute by a trained person.
Flushing Bank CEO, John Buran, said, 'The universal banker concept is meant to provide an all-in-one experience with one highly trained person who takes care of all your needs.
Being a Christian does not require a scientifically trained person to defend or endorse anti-scientific arguments about the universe's age (and therefore ignore the scientific evidence for a 12-15-billion-year-old universe and an earth almost that old).
The authors should have mentioned if all IOP measurements were taken by same trained person or several trained.