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Like Canada, a strong surge in the Tanzanian mining sector has left the local industry with a shortage of trained personnel, choking growth in the impoverished country, Alladin says.
Effective resources are architected technology and trained personnel that are prepared for action.
Between a state-of-the-art integrated security system and trained personnel, a building's security and integrity will be assured.
Foam earplugs are disposable and do not require fitting by medically trained personnel.
Total Army, Navy, and RAF full-time trained personnel was 187,600 on April 1 this year, down 0.
Successful implementation of surveillance programs and other infection control activities in the home health-care setting will require designated and appropriately trained personnel.
Production cost reductions were achieved by performing more tests without trained personnel and by making sound decisions due to the increased number of tests.
Here's the good news in this report: the most promising tool currently available to fend off overtraining isn't complicated or expensive, and it doesn't require a sophisticated laboratory or highly trained personnel.
To send trained personnel to new jobs and reassignments.
Arguing that hospitals should discontinue footprinting infants because inadequately trained personnel cannot take legible prints compares to advocating that law enforcement stop fingerprinting criminals because officers sometimes take illegible prints.
Existing immunodiagnostic techniques often involve sophisticated instrumentation and methods, expensive chemicals and highly trained personnel.