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She said the previous arrangement had seen some trainees struggle to secure financial services, including mortgages, because of a lack of a single employer on their record.
Throughout my trainee career, I continued on a corn mission/salary combination,.
The trainees are studying towards the 12-month post-graduate diploma in education developed in partnership with LJMU.
The introduction to the BMT environment can be a similar experience for trainees.
Many training centers, that of Casablanca in particular, are undergoing a total paralysis, and trainees are now threatening with an open strike if their rights are not secured.
The mean number of ETI per trainee per year fell from 385 in the first period to 344 (around 10%) during the second period, which did not reach statistical significance (P=0.
Psychomotor (skill) describe a skill or activity the trainee must be able to demonstrate at the end of training.
Dr Kerri Baker, chairman of the RCPE trainees and members committee, said: "Trainee doctors feel disillusioned and let down by their training.
These include a newly launched 'Trainee Connect', a dedicated website for trainees, which enables new joiners to share experiences, and a trainee blog site called 'Spilling the Beans', designed and developed by six graduates from last year's intake.
Concomitantly, as Buechler noted, "The lack of the relationship between the client with borderline personality characteristics and the trainee is often repeated with the trainee and the clinical supervisor" (p.
National Bank of Oman (NBO) held a graduation ceremony for trainees of the first batch of the NBO Management Trainee Program.
Technicians John Nelson and Patrick Whitworth were commended with most outstanding trainee awards.