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Conclusion: Using mandala-coloring as a therapeutic intervention can reduce State Anxiety and Trait Anxiety in university students.
Low positive significant correlations were found between STAI trait anxiety scores and recognition of facial expressions of happiness, anger, and fear (Table 1).
Individual scores for the separate variables were added to create total scores for EFSI, state anxiety and trait anxiety.
With growing age this training may lead to elevate trait anxiety among women.
According to the findings of the research, it was determined that compared to the pre-activity situation, there is a significant decrease in the levels of trait anxiety of the adults in the experimental group participating in the physical activity program (t99: 3.
State and trait anxiety, operationalized as one's current expression and one's characteristic levels of symptoms, respectively, have not been considered in how they directly relate to an individual's ageist attitudes.
FS group had higher values of state and trait anxiety evaluated with STAI (p<0.
Acceptance, defusion, mindfulness, and distress tolerance were negatively correlated with state and trait anxiety (STAI), with the exception of a non-significant correlation between defusion and state anxiety.
State Anxiety Scale (STAI-I) measures how one feels in a specific time and condition whereas the Trait Anxiety Scale (STAI-II) measures how one feels independently of the situation and condition.
State and Trait Anxiety Inventory (Form Y) is developed by psychologists Charles Spielberger, R.
Anxiety levels were measured using the Spielberger State Trait Anxiety Inventory before and after a simulation workshop and one week later before an initial clinical experience.