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TRAITOR, crimes. One guilty of treason.
     2. The punishment of a traitor is death.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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And then, to have the footstool placed carefully by a too self-confident personage,--not any self-confident personage, but one in particular, who suddenly looks humble and anxious, and lingers, bending still, to ask if there is not some draught in that position between the window and the fireplace, and if he may not be allowed to move the work-table for her,--these things will summon a little of the too ready, traitorous tenderness into a woman's eyes, compelled as she is in her girlish time to learn her life-lessons in very trivial language.
Let all the traitorous MPs get their comeuppance at the ballot box.
ISLAMABAD -- Prime Minister Imran Khan said Wednesday he considered stepping back over the fear of strikes by Pakistan's traders and the business community to be traitorous to the country.
ISLAMABAD -- Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan on Wednesday said that he would not give in to unreasonable pressure of the business community as it would be traitorous to his countrymen.
Sison said Duterte now anticipates that the people 'can rise in gigantic mass actions against his traitorous, tyrannical, brutal and corrupt regime and the military and police can turn against him as they did against Marcos and Estrada.'
Theresa May's dictatorial and traitorous approach with "her" deal, (who voted for that?), is not the British democratic way - after three long unbelievable years it is death by 1,000 cuts.
It is apparent that we have a privilege tier of justice for the wealthy, well-connected and corrupt traitorous Republicans.
Remainers condemn the narrow margin but hypocritically, are happy to accept Dominic Green's amendment 50.9/49.1pc vote to undermine Brexit and overturn historical constitutional processes; with traitorous connivance of proremain Speaker John Bercow who should be impartial.
In an announcement it called on people to join the protest against the "traitorous agreement of Prespes which erases history and sells the name of Macedonia to Skopjians," which is how Greeks refer to the people of the tiny former Yugoslav republic.
De Lima, in recalling the second year anniversary of Marcos' burial, urged Filipino to never forget the "traitorous scheme" employed by the present regime and learn from the lesson of history.
The fear mounts, eyes are shut tight, You frantically turn on the bedside light, Imagination has a traitorous power, Known to make grown men shudder and cower.
Bombastic Boris Johnson illustrated he has nothing to offer except more lies and deceit in a traitorous attempt to hijack the Tory conference in Birmingham.