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self-confident personage, but one in particular, who suddenly looks humble and anxious, and lingers, bending still, to ask if there is not some draught in that position between the window and the fireplace, and if he may not be allowed to move the work-table for her,--these things will summon a little of the too ready, traitorous tenderness into a woman's eyes, compelled as she is in her girlish time to learn her life-lessons in very trivial language.
We all know what happens when inflammatory accusations of traitorous behaviour are hurled about irresponsibly.
So there was only one possible explanation: Germany had been betrayed by Socialists and (you guessed it) Jews, 1918's equivalent of the traitorous Sixties counterculture.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ejiofor, who was nominated for an Oscar for his leading role in '12 Years a Slave', is in talks to voice the character of Scar, the traitorous villain in Disney's live-action reimagining of its classic 'The Lion King'.
But Jasper, sent to live at a boarding school run the league, must find a way to avoid a duel to the death with a member of the other secretive organization--the one that represents the heroes of American history and whose members demand justice from traitorous lineages.
No more indulging my traitorous sense of smell in the bakery or beside the barbecue/grill - and "catching" the kilos
Facing a flaming death, brazen Madame Agathe predicts doom for the king and his royal line, while Sophie is torn emotionally and traitorous Thomas realises Philippe is only acting affectionately to feed him misinformation, making their final bedroom tryst a bloody affair.
The Darkest Hand, a brotherhood of traitorous priests, has gathered to begin resurrecting Satan's army on the Russian front.
The gist of it was that she viewed Jeremy as traitorous, obnoxious and rude.
Gove's traitorous destruction of his friend Boris Johnson revealed his naked ambition and also showed that his unsuitability for the No10 post goes much deeper than worrying character defects.
Meanwhile, as Louis welcomes his traitorous sibling back into the fold with open arms, Feron and Grimaud believe they may have found a kindred spirit.
The arrival of the King's traitorous brother Gaston, above, causes problems when he slaughters a band of veteran soldiers in a Paris tavern.