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Recent Progress to Achieve 2019 Milestones Generate Proof Points on Novel Yield Traits in Key Crops.
The presentation described several traits identified by Yield10 using GRAIN and highlighted a case study demonstrating the use of the GRAIN platform to identify and rank potential regulatory genes predicted to affect yield and/or oil content in an oilseed crop.
The BW traits were recorded when the LHKK project started and the egg production traits of LHKK were recorded a year later.
The heritabilities and correlations for all traits were estimated using univariate and bivariate analysis, respectively.
Data comprised of following body measurements and milk production traits:Head length, Head girth (above and below eyes), Ear to ear distance, Mouth width, Ear length and Ear blade width, Neck length and neck girth, Body weight, Body length, Heart girth and Body depth at heart, Belly girth and Body depth at belly, Ribs sprung and belly sprung, Rump length, rump width at back and front, Rump height and withers height, Tail length, tail diameter and circumference at base, mid and end, Forelimb (sole to elbow), Fore arm, shank and thigh circumferences, Hind limb (sole to stifle), Teat length, teat diameter and teat circumference, Teat placement(distance between tips of two teats), Lactation milk yield and lactation length.
It is, in turn, the forensic anthropologist's job to validate and bolster methodology that estimates an individual's biogeographical ancestry that is in direct relation with a person's genetic history and inherited traits that are more frequently phenotypically expressed in an individual (Algee-Hewitt 2016; Hefner 2009, 2018; Spradley et al.
Body weight, an important trait for breeding, is correlated with various morphological traits (Perez-Rostro & Ibarra 2003).
In direct selection, the plant destruction is necessary to measure these traits. However, traits such as plant height, stem diameter, number of nodes, number of leaves, and number of pods can be measured nondestructively.
The objective of study was to examine how much dental morphological traits e.g shoveling, double shoveling, distal accessory ridge, Bushmen canine and cusp of Carabelli are present in each ethnic group (Gujar, Jadoon and Swati) and their comparison among these ethnic groups.
Values of regression analysis revealed that, among the eight primary source traits, "Independence", "Intelligence" "Emotionally stable" and "Friendly" were the only factors that predicted students' academic achievement to some extent while the role of other four traits found to be minimal or negative in predicting academic achievement.
Patients with epilepsy scored higher on personality traits of trait anxiety and aggression whereas scored lower on achievement than the control group.
Key words: Bibrik sheep, genetic, environment, productive traits