Street Railroad

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Street Railroad

A railway that is constructed upon a thoroughfare or highway to aid in the transportation of people or property along the roadway.

Street railroads run at moderate rates of speed and make frequent stops at particular points within a town or city. Subways and elevated railroads that are built above the surface of the roadway are two common examples of street railroads.

Municipal corporations have the authority to regulate the operation of street railroads within their boundaries. This power is generally vested in a board of commission, which sets regulations for the protection of individuals and property. Common requirements mandate street railroads to (1) restrict the speed at which the cars operate; (2) provide the cars with reliable brakes; (3) furnish the cars with signal lights and sound devices; and (4) keep all tracks clear of ice and snow during periods of inclement weather.

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Carlos died at about 12.15pm after being struck by a tram heading west towards Edinburgh Airport.
TWO trams almost crashed in Manchester city centre after one went through a red light during rush hour.
The tram track to Karlova Ves and Dabravka will be served only as far as the Molecova tram stop with tram line X6 running along this shortened route.Trams on these routes will run at 4-5 minute intervals during working days and 7-8 minute intervals during weekends.
Red light means STOP and watch out as the Tram is approaching from your right.
Recently, Alstom, a major French engineering company, suggested the cooperation on restoration of tram line in Baku.
They boast of a design harmonious with the architecture of the Tram and stations.
"The RTA is deploying public buses to commute tram riders between the stations impacted by the service disruption," the RTA said on Twitter.
On its first day alone, 600 people rode The Peak Tram, and within its first year it carried 150,000 passengers.
* Lusail Tram will connect to Doha Metro through two interchange stations at Lusail and Legtaifiya.