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AWESOME J The bespoke Tramontana R, main image, and the truly quick GTA Spano, top left
We are constantly listening, measuring, and assessing, and then re-adjusting,” said Tramontana.
6) Baydar, Brooks-Gunn and Furstenberg 1993; Stevenson and Newman 1986; Tramontana, Hooper and Selzer 1988, in Centre for Community Child Health and The Smith Family 2004
Researchers have indicated that language and cognitive processing speed may contribute to the externalizing behavior problems of students with EBD (Hooper, Roberts, Zeisel, & Poe, 2003; Hooper & Tramontana, 1997; Rogers-Adkinson, 2003).
has already developed a number of different (and unique) flavors including Dulce de Leche Bombom, Malaga al Rhum, Quinotos al Whisky, Super Sambayon con Almendras, Tiramisu, Tramontana, Yema Quemada, Trisapore, Spaghetti Pasta, Mascarpone con Frutos del Bosque, Gianduia, Manzana, Melon, and so on.
Certainly this traditional Spanish town beneath the Tramontana Mountains in Majorca's northeastern corner has lost none of its charm but now there is even more for visitors to enjoy.
Punishment for incorrect responses, combined with reinforcement for correct responses, enhances task performance to a greater degree than when reinforcement for correct responses is used alone (Harris & Tramontana, 1973; Munson & Crosbie, 1998; Penney, 1967; Penney & Lupton, 1961; Stevenson, Weir, & Zigler, 1959).
A country home, which one finds just around the curve on a narrow street of descending stone slabs, built more than three hundred years ago, with its three floors connected by steep and narrow stairs, and topped with a terrace that, from among its potted flowers, gave view to the massive Teix, the tallest of the eminent peaks of the Sierra Tramontana, which seemed so close at hand.
The Tramontana comes complete with exotic leather and gold accents on the interior and a body that takes its styling cues from F1 racecars and jet fighters.
Come la calamita, ancor che lunge il sagace nocchier la porti, errando or dove nasce, or dove more il sole, quell'occulta virtute, ond'ella mira la tramontana sua, non perde mai.
EXPLORE the Sierra de Tramontana in Mallorca on an eight-day self-guided walk, available until late October courtesy of Sherpa (0208 577-2717, www.