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Tramontana, "Heterogeneous duopoly with isoelastic demand function, " Economic Modelling, vol.
The fact that Tramontana and Spania GTA have chosen Salon Prive to showcase their models is testament to our influence as a leading luxury and automotive event.
CustomerCount's surveys provide us with the necessary data to help determine our 'Net Promoter Score (NPS),'” continued Tramontana.
Et era bella e di statura altiera, dolce aspetto, vaga a maraviglia, occulto amor mostrava nella ciera gli ochij ciascun nelle stellate ciglia parea la tramontana [s]ulla sera oltr'a la fazza candida e vermiglia di grande intelligentia e grande ingegni, era piu che a donna se convegni.
It's time to rethink that decision and have a long overdue and honest dialogue about gun control in Michigan," said Jessica Tramontana, spokeswoman for Progress Michigan.
Tramontana, a Spanish company, has revealed details of a new two-seat supercar called the XTR.
A north wind called the Tramontana is a regular feature of life in mountainous northeastern Spain and its strong gusts, which can often exceed 100 mph (160 kph), can spread fires rapidly across the heavily forested area.
Los resultados sobre la estrategia pueden ser apreciados notoriamente en temas de derechos a la propiedad de sus territorios ancestrales de los pueblos indigenas (Forero, 2010; Tramontana, 2010; Lopez y Maldonado, 2009) y el avance sobre la proteccion efectiva de los derechos de las mujeres (Bustamante y Vazquez, 2011; Bohorquez y Aguirre, 2010; Lau, 2009; Angulo y Luque 2008).
In the New Zealand rainforests, he examines the elusive velvet worm as well as the reptilian tuatara; he searches for a ferreret (a Mallorcan midwife toad) in the Sierra de Tramontana in Mallorca and watches as the hardy horseshoe crab scrambles to mate in Delaware Bay.
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