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Twice Strickland refused a berth on tramps sailing for the United States, and once on a collier going to Newcastle.
And I sat back and marvelled secretly at this encyclopaedic-minded man, this Leith Clay-Randolph, this common tramp who made himself at home in my den, charmed such friends as gathered at my small table, outshone me with his brilliance and his manners, spent my spending money, smoked my best cigars, and selected from my ties and studs with a cultivated and discriminating eye.
What was the matter with a tramp sketch for the daily press?
I am one of the dispossessed, a sansculotte, a proletarian, or, in simpler phraseology addressed to your understanding, a tramp.'
"From the tramp standpoint, the constabulary of the township was particularly rotten, and I proceeded to open the eyes of the good people.
"'There's lashin's av them off the Irish coast,' sez the tramp.
You barn-yard tramps go hoggin' the road on the high seas with no blame consideration fer your neighbours, an' your eyes in your coffee-cups instid o' in your silly heads."
You seem to have lost your wits because you beat the tramp Irus." With this he caught hold of a footstool, but Ulysses sought protection at the knees of Amphinomus of Dulichium, for he was afraid.
You seem to be just such another tramp as myself, but perhaps the gods will give us better luck by and by.
Now there came a certain common tramp who used to go begging all over the city of Ithaca, and was notorious as an incorrigible glutton and drunkard.
Though he had tramped two hundred versts as a beggar, though he was tattered and had grown thin and weatherbeaten, though he had cropped his long hair and was wearing a peasant's cap and boots, and though he bowed very humbly, Sergius still had the impressive appearance that made him so attractive.
"Sure an' wasn't it under me roll of blankets I tramped into Oakland meself forty year ago!