trample upon

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The Constitution that we have sworn to uphold provides separate powers for each branch of the federal government, so that no single branch can trample upon the liberties of the American people,'' said Rep.
He also called upon the Pakistan government to make prompt efforts to build world opinion against the possible US attack on Syria and try to unite the Muslim world on one platform against the US designs to trample upon another Muslim country in violation of all international laws and norms.
Even as the big city " elites" trample upon their dignity, Biharis continue to clean their filth, guard their houses, drive them around the city and cook for them.
In a statement issued after the Chief Ministers' meet on the subject, Gehlot said that NCTC does not trample upon the powers of the states.
He said he has also directed the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police "to avoid shortcuts because once we trample upon the rights of others, in effect, we set the conditions for greater dissatisfaction in the system, thereby fuelling insurgency.
They recommended that the media should avoid sensationalism while making sure that the authorities or the non-State actors do not trample upon its freedom.
Though occasionally a target will run out of bull's-eyes for its marksman to trample upon, rendering his shtick repetitive, the episodes provided for review featured more laughs than most sitcoms these days.
They are now happy to say that they have finally become Japanese again, and the government must not trample upon their sentiments.
You may also know people who feel they should be humble, but do so by acting as doormats for people to trample upon.
We put Arroyo in the hall of shame because, as a woman herself, she has failed to promote women's rights and has instead used the highest office in the country to trample upon the people's basic freedoms,'' said Ana Maria Nemenzo, president of a civil society group calling for Arroyo's resignation.