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That's fine by bookish sister Victoria (Amanda Watkins), but Jessica (Anastasia Barzee), the trampy and power-hungry oldest sister, smells a fraud.
Other days, on my way home from school, I saw the chief chewing the rag and laughing with other trampy vagrants.
But Ludlam's inspiration has a further twist, for his Camille embodies an archetype other than the goldenhearted prostitute; she is also the scampish, trampy reveler epitomized in Cunegunde's song from Bernstein's Candide, which was the secret national anthem of gay America in the 1960s and 1970s, "Glitter and Be Gay.
Even so, one sad kid - the poor trampy one who was obligatory in each class - didn't listen properly and used aluminium foil so he looked like he was from the future.
thatblokeinpr: My pal never wears a helmet while skiing - - hope Schumacher's terrible accident makes him reconsider #playsafe Jay Darwin: Birmingham is starting to look better, now let's focus on the trampy citizens.
Sorry if this sounds harsh, but you need to grow up a bit because I think what you're doing is really trampy.
com I once came across a tirade from a landlord who refused to rent to women on their own, the trampy slobs.
Taylor plays her with trampy, air-headed sweetness.
Use the honest opinion of your friends to figure out whether you look sloppy, grungy, flabby and/or trampy.
Note: La Liz gets off easy in this production, while the trampy Heidi hasn't worn especially well over time.
In Just the Two of Us (1975), dark-haired Denise and blond Adria are lonely military wives who briefly find comfort in each other's arms--until trampy Adria goes off with a sleazy "guido.
I'm still vainly hoping some clever trick in the editing process will transform me from a crumpled, crumb-faced trampy witch into a hot video vixen, but something tells me I'll end up on the cutting-room floor.