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Pharmacokinetics of tranexamic acid in patients undergoing cardiac surgery with use of cardiopulmonary bypass.
Oral tranexamic acid 500 mg had a better response when compared with topical hydroquinone 2% cream and better safety profile.
Conclusion: Our results suggested that tranexamic acid by endobronchial instillation was as efficient as adrenaline in controlling hemoptysis and required less frequent use of a second medicine.
Efficacy of tranexamic acid on blood loss after primary cementless total hip replacement with rivaroxaban thromboprophylaxis: A case-control study in 70 patients.
The effect of protinin, tranexamic acid, andaminocaproic acid on blood loss and use of blood products in majorpediatric surgery: a meta-analysis.
Tranexamic acid tablets were prescribed at a dosage of 250 mg twice daily for a therapeutic period of 6 months.
The experimental group contained 113 patients injected 3g of tranexamic acid in 40 mL of sterile saline into hip articular cavity from intermuscular space following fixation of the implants and closure of articular capsule, short external rotators (Fig.
The effect of aprotinin, tranexamic acid, and aminocaproic acid on blood loss and use of blood products in major pediatric surgery: a meta-analysis.
High-dose tranexamic acid is related to increased risk of generalized seizures after aortic valve replacement.
We are based in a large trauma centre in South Africa, a middle-income country, where it has been suggested that tranexamic acid use may be incorporated into trauma protocols.
Objective: To determine the effectiveness of local protamine in reducing post-operative blood loss compared to local tranexamic acid.