tranquil mind

See: composure
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Scarce had the fair Aurora given bright Phoebus time to dry the liquid pearls upon her golden locks with the heat of his fervent rays, when Don Quixote, shaking off sloth from his limbs, sprang to his feet and called to his squire Sancho, who was still snoring; seeing which Don Quixote ere he roused him thus addressed him: "Happy thou, above all the dwellers on the face of the earth, that, without envying or being envied, sleepest with tranquil mind, and that neither enchanters persecute nor enchantments affright.
I realized the remains of my fortune, and set forth on my journey with an almost tranquil mind.
He taught that happiness and well-being do not depend on wealth or station but on reason, through which one can emulate the calm and order of the universe by learning to accept events with a stern and tranquil mind.
It produces a deep state of relaxation and a tranquil mind which decreases heart rate, blood pressure and one uses oxygen more efficiently.
Featuring a foreword by British Open Champion Stewart Cink, The Now Golfer: The Psychology of Better Golf is a solid guide for improving one's golf game through learning how to keep a tranquil mind.
The strokes are gentle and warm--the touch of a man with a tranquil mind who, despite his stature, was the least pretentious under all circumstances.
These techniques help you reach a state of relaxation and a tranquil mind, which changes your reaction to stress," adds Dr.
The Buddhist notion of "one mind" implies non-dualism in an affirmative form that involves not only a pure and tranquil mind but also a disturbed and moving mind.
By the time Othello utters his heartbreaking farewell to "the tranquil mind," the battle is already lost.
Had I left the plane shouldering a canvas bag full of notepads and set off to re-trace the steps of Hemingway and a thousand other writers, poets and painters across the endlessly alluring and evocative African landscape, I could not have worn a bigger smile nor had a more contented heart and tranquil mind.