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Long of forest officials bringing the tranquilized leopard
The officials tranquilized the leopard and kept it in a cage to prevent it from harming others or get harmed by the villagers.
ATHOL -- Athol residents were saddened yesterday to learn a bear that was tranquilized after it was found wandering around downtown Athol was later euthanized.
The 238-pound black bear was tranquilized after being found up a tree in the town of Vineland, following a one-day hunt.
Doars (WB) June 19 (ANI): Forest officials trapped and tranquilized a leopard in West Bengal on Thursday as their rising population is creating a menace in the region.
In late April, a larger bear was spotted in the same area and was tranquilized near a Target store.
During the day's 500-kilometer-plus drive, the vet kept a pair of tranquilized bulls just alert enough to stand on their own.
ATHOL -- A bear that had been wandering around downtown Athol since Wednesday night was tranquilized and taken away Thursday morning to be released into the wild.
Ron Nelson said it was probably not the same bear that was seen near Westlake High and tranquilized at a Newbury Park Target at the end of April.
STURBRIDGE - A bear spotted 15 to 20 feet up a tree in a business parking lot was tranquilized and moved to the woods without incident yesterday afternoon.
In those cases, state Department of Fish and Game officers tranquilized the bears and took them to the Las Padres National Forest.
Beaulieu places a strap around a tranquilized black bear that climbed into a tree Sunday in the neighborhood of Moreland and Walter streets.