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After being tranquilized, the sleeping lion was loaded onto a pickup truck to be moved out of the neighborhood.
-Long of forest officials bringing the tranquilized leopard
Wardens from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife tranquilized the animal and moved it into a pickup truck.
Upside down and blindfolded is no way to travel, but this tranquilized black rhinoceros and 18 others are now a lot better off.
The pilot called for the airport vet, who tranquilized the horses.
Srinagar, March 3 (ANI): Wildlife officials tranquilized and captured a leopard after it strayed into a village and mauled a young boy in Srinagar district in Jammu and Kashmir on Wednesday (March 3).
The team tranquilized 39 animals--about one-tenth of the temple's monkey population--and took blood samples from them.
The animal was then tranquilized so its injuries could be assessed but had to be put down, reports The Associated Press.
In extreme cases, persistent elephants are tranquilized and transported to Uda Walawe National Park in southeastern Sri Lanka.
Big fafa diamonds, huge sunglasses, fully dressed blonde hair, blue-green eye shadow, ladies (models Amber Valletta and Georgina Grenville--as young Donatellas?) tranquilized with poodles, a decorator mix of baroque, moderne, and classic furniture, and various tchotchkes (pink rhinestone cigarette lighters, coral fragments, chinoiserie) of a provenance indefinable other than that of luxury.