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TRANSHIPMENT, mar. law. The act of taking the cargo out of one ship and loading it in another.
     2. When this is done from necessity, it does not affect the liability of an insurer on the goods. 1 Marsh. Ins. 166; Abbott on Ship. 240. But when the master tranships goods without necessity, he is answerable for the loss of them by capture by public enemies. 1 Gallis. R. 443.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The trans-ship process eliminates the need to return items to stock and pull them out on a separate transaction.
The acquisition will enable Baltic Oil to trade and trans-ship large volumes of oil product out of a major global shipping hub.
The Italian capital will be the most southerly entry point for Kenya Airways into Europe and will tap once more into the lucrative Italian holiday market for Kenya and also add capacity for air cargo between the two countries without having to trans-ship it first via other European waypoints.
After some recycling, many trans-ship the remaining waste on barges to a transfer site in Puget Sound and ultimate burial in a vast industrial landfill in Eastern Washington.
An investigation of the disaster led defense planners to recognize the requirement for safer handling procedures and the establishment of terminals specifically designed to trans-ship ammunition.
"The reason for the runway and taxiway improvements are to enable larger transport aircraft to be used to trans-ship the finished product to the aircraft assembly sites in Europe, " director of transport and planning Chris Kay said.
They got shot of Redcar three years ago to SSI, the Thai company which wanted to produce slabs at Redcar to trans-ship for rolling into coil and sheet in Thailand.
This cargo would later trans-ship to the USS Pearl Harbor.
The line's sister companies, Safmarine and Maersk Logistics already use Port Louis to trans-ship cargoes for La Reunion, Madagascar and East African ports.
The terminals also trans-ship containers between inland waterways, sea and road for hinterland transport between the ports of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp (dubbed "ARA ports"), as well as the Ruhr region.The Commission Merger Task Force's investigations have established that combining the capacities of the two Duisburg terminals will not prevent effective competition, for several reasons: Firstly, there is another terminal in Duisburg with sufficient competitive potential, the Rhein-Ruhr-Terminal.
As is the case with exposes, certain mercantile countries that trans-ship machines to other countries have a very high percentage of imports versus domestic consumption, in some cases exceeding 100%,

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