transact with

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References in classic literature ?
Yes, I once had business to transact with it to the amount of 200,000 francs; but since then I have not heard it mentioned.
No, no," said he; "I have as much business to transact with you as with him.
com, the leading destination for Indians to interact and transact with their peers and businesses, connects millions through its portfolio of highly popular, interactive services in the areas of social media (blogs, groups and networking), and local commerce (classifieds, yellow pages and events) in 25 cities worldwide, including eight in India.
As Digital Oilfield adds new energy companies as customers, Wilson will be able to transact with the new companies within a matter of days.
Accovia's XML-based Travel Application Protocol empowers travel providers, distributors and sellers to interconnect and transact with each other, using a simple mapping schema which supports the exchange of all information involved in assembling, pricing and booking multiple components, as well as subsequent changes, cancellations or modifications.
The AS2 standard, which Manco uses to transact with Lowe's, allows vendor applications to communicate data over the Internet (via HTTP) in a secure manner.
The new company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi, will focus on streamlining the way Japanese manufacturers currently communicate and transact with their distributors, including the exchange of important product information, commerce and feedback about customer behavior over the Internet.
Ultimately, ICI will be able to better transact with existing customers and effectively reach new customers through the OpsXchange network.
ipm provides market-makers like Transact with a complete solution that has been designed to automate the B2B commerce spectrum from trading through financial settlement.
Affiliate sites select offers most relevant to their consumer, business and professional audiences and receive revenues when their audience members transact with participating marketers, using a results-oriented payment and reporting system.
Unisphere teamed with Siemens Ltd (Australia), who provides products and business services for carrier infrastructure networks and large businesses, to provide TransACT with a next-generation IP infrastructure.