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TRANSACTION, contracts, civil law. An agreement between two or more persons, who for the purpose of preventing or putting an end to a law suit, adjust their differences by mutual consent, in the manner which they agree on; in Louisiana this contract must be reduced to writing. Civil Code of Louis, 3038.
     2. Transactions regulate only the differences which appear to be clearly comprehended in them by the intentions of the parties, whether they be explained in a general or particular manner, unless it be the necessary consequence of what is expressed; and they do not extend to differences which the parties, never intended to include in them. Id. 3040.
     3. To transact, a man must have the capacity to dispose of the things included in the transaction. Id. 3039; 1 Domat, Lois Civiles, liv. 1, t. 13, s. 1; Dig. lib. 2, t. 15, l. 1; Code lib. 2, t. 4, 1. 41. In the common law this is called a compromise. (q.v.)

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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According to the complaint, Breitbart Texas reporter Lee Stranahan discovered data on the Center for American Future website that appeared to be credit card transaction files of people who had donated to Stockman's Senate campaign.
This kind of a system requires fully integrating every piece of data in all systems of records where customer data resides: from transaction files, from external files, and, of course, from detailed general ledger files.
The decision support files could be viewed as an unnecessary addition, as the same data could be gleaned from the transaction files.
The Laru software will monitor a bank's customer transaction files sent by First Data, developing profiles of each bank client.
She then deleted the transaction files from the computer, hoping to leave no trace on the patient records.
Using the SAFEView Document Management System, RELAY users can complete their online transaction files by uploading signed contracts and other necessary documents directly to RELAY with the click of a button.
* Transaction files and reports, such as sales or purchases journals, job costing reports, fixed assets journals, payroll journal;
The other benefit received is that the system centrally controls the customer and transaction files.

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