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Our vision is to deliver flexible, functionally-rich, seamless and scalable transaction processing solutions to help clients improve their workflow and greatly reduce their transaction costs.
Sanjay's proven leadership in deploying large enterprise systems is critical as Kabira offers more packaged, tailored transaction processing solutions that customers can implement quickly and maintain realistically," said Bradley Rode, Chief Operating Officer of Kabira.
Speaking about the program, Lavigne said: "As a technology and product company we are committed to working with partners to bring our high performance transaction processing solutions to market.
Q Comm's flexible delivery architecture was easily adapted to Vertex's existing, proprietary transaction processing platform, so merchants without a POS terminal can still benefit from Q Comm's prepaid products and services.
KARVY Global Services Limited, the Business Process and Knowledge Process Outsourcing subsidiary of KARVY, the largest non-banking financial institution in India, today officially launched its Transaction Processing Outsourcing (TPO) unit with the announcement of its first client in the healthcare industry.
ArjunaTS adds powerful distributed transaction processing capabilities to the JEMS stack, which will appeal to enterprises in sectors such as financial services and telecommunications where 'five-nines' availability is crucial.

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