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The most useful aspect of Transactional Analysis in terms of coaching's solution-focused approach is its underlying philosophy that everyone has the ability to change; our behaviour patterns are not innate character traits but mere habits that can be mastered and reprogrammed.
The adult is parent to the child; transactional analysis with children and young people.
PLC is the UK's pre-eminent provider of legal know-how, transactional analysis and market intelligence for business lawyers.
Last year I began a training course in Transactional Analysis and made a presentation to my training group on the basics of general semantics and B-Prime.
A persistently difficult and unresolved question in Canadian transfer pricing is whether some sort of annual or aggregative analysis to transfer pricing can apply, or whether transactional analysis necessarily prevails.
com/research/9b201f/working_together) has announced the addition of the "Working Together: Organizational Transactional Analysis and Business Performance" book to their offering.
eConnect(TM) is a software company in the security industry which combines financial transactional analysis with visual verification.
They address the historical and philosophical foundations of the field, including its organizational culture; behavioral aspects, such as leadership styles, the skills and techniques needed to develop sergeants, succession planning, motivation, and using transactional analysis and the Myers-Brigg Type Indicator to understand behavior; functional aspects like management planning, problem identification and decision making, management by objectives, and fiscal management; and major issues, such as use of power, use of force, civil liability and accreditation, ethics, the police presence in schools, the assessment center process, and leading small and medium-sized agencies.
Transactional analysis for trainers: game players in the training room

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