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TRANSACTION, contracts, civil law. An agreement between two or more persons, who for the purpose of preventing or putting an end to a law suit, adjust their differences by mutual consent, in the manner which they agree on; in Louisiana this contract must be reduced to writing. Civil Code of Louis, 3038.
     2. Transactions regulate only the differences which appear to be clearly comprehended in them by the intentions of the parties, whether they be explained in a general or particular manner, unless it be the necessary consequence of what is expressed; and they do not extend to differences which the parties, never intended to include in them. Id. 3040.
     3. To transact, a man must have the capacity to dispose of the things included in the transaction. Id. 3039; 1 Domat, Lois Civiles, liv. 1, t. 13, s. 1; Dig. lib. 2, t. 15, l. 1; Code lib. 2, t. 4, 1. 41. In the common law this is called a compromise. (q.v.)

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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When one inquires transactionally, one begins in the spirit of play, understanding that the meanings within the event are tentative.
Framing musical experience transactionally is a powerful conceptual device.
"Whether you're working with someone that is transactionally oriented, someone that's just part of the team in a company, or working with a C-level or a VP, you've got to be able to communicate at all levels," he said.
transactionally related proceedings, or portions thereof, pending in any
Some tax authorities, however, will find it difficult to resist using the information in the template to propose formulary apportionment-type transfer pricing adjustments, without going through an appropriately thorough, transactionally based audit.
An equally important reason why capitalism per se did not matter for antitrust adoption is that--notwithstanding some of their obvious links--capitalism and antitrust are "transactionally incongruent." Capitalism demands freedom of trade and commerce.
Under the influence of the systemic assumption that a (unitary) communicator transmits or customize transactionally with another (receiving) communicator a message, one may understand the communicational system as the interactional unit of the factors that exerts and fulfill the function of communicating a message.
Specifically, it rejects institutional mono-cropping--the de facto policy of concentrating financial services within a small number of giant, similarly organized, and transactionally oriented investor-owned firms--in favor of promoting parallel and more locally based systems of community banking and cooperative, mutual, and state-owned enterprises in financial markets.
Both formats are simultaneously active and transactionally consistent.
This note questions whether, in relation to a doctrine that has traditionally been understood to implement a legal policy of protecting the transactionally vulnerable from victimisation, the law relating to unconscionable dealing/conduct in Australia ought to be limited to disciplining nakedly exploitative conduct and nothing less.
In each case our experience of being-in-the-world both transactionally creates and is created by the world we inhabit.
The self-question does not have by necessity to be (even if pressed by the observant imaginary) "what does this mean," but rather, is there intuition that this work is not transactionally meaningless, as for example played chiefly for effect in boastful uproar.

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