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Valassi is also head of Service Area Risk at Transcedent Group and previously held the position as head of Credit at Landshypotek and several roles within SEB, most recently as group head of New Product Approval Office.
American Jews live like a wife sacrificing her life, even her conscience, to her husband, while the Israeli state has come to exist for its own sake, forgetting the transcedent purpose of Zionism.
Moreover, he overcomes the tired distinctions of private/public, sacred/secular by awakening the moral imagination to eschatological, transcedent possibilities.
in this ancient hymn, then, Love becomes a transcedent value.
The partnership of feeling and judgment is key, for the "common heart of sympathy" (L, 9 August 1851, 758) enables authentic community in the theater while transcedent "majestic truths" (L, 28 June 1851, 613) give drama its moral force.
The two containers are reminders of the way history is held and shaped, yet the water that flows from each is constant, undifferentiated, a sign of transcedent possibility, there as a reminder that it is aways possible to transform the self, to remake history.
In them loyalty and community were charged with quite specific and specifically political interests, even as a threatened elite sought to portray these interests as transcedent values under siege by mass culture.

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