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I remain convinced that sports--both amateur and professional--reveal not only our societal dysfunctions but our transcendent human capacity for greatness.
An interesting choice of words, since transcendent, if you look it up in the dictionary, means "beyond human comprehension.
See also Frithjof Schuon, The Transcendent Unity of Religions, tr.
French captures the unfairness of much of the criticism, although Eugene Genovese's brilliant public defense of Styron, which raised a number of transcendent questions in its own right, deserves more than the two lines French gives it.
Black-and-white diagrams highlight the key ideas explored by this bold and transcendent examination that skillfully blends Egyptian history, science, and mysticism.
Flannery objects to my contention the "the transcendent was a notion alien to the ancient world.
maintains that while Wordsworth never fully integrates "Christ into his sacramental view of the world" (28), imagination allows the poet to express the experience of transcendent, divine realities through the richness of symbolic language.
A spiritual belief can be formal or informal, organized or not organized, rational or irrational, transcendent or non-transcendent.
Roush's assumption is that the inspiration of medieval and Renaissance Christian Italian poetry participates "in the transcendent Spirit infusing the ultimate Author and His Word" (13).
The mind and its transcendent awareness then allow for a new organizational strategy that basically puts parts of the body into motion that were not formally in motion.
The commentary between essays often gets unreadably sentimental and the dutiful question-and-answer sections at the end of each chapter are more likely to induce snores than encourage curative male bonding or transcendent spiritual journeying.
The planet today is fractured as seldom before by competing ideas of transcendent truth, by true believers on all continents.