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A ( report that surfaced the internet revealed that Microsoft is making their contractors transcribe as much as 200 audio clips an hour and pay them $14 for that whole hour of service.
The company revised its data-policy to make for reader-friendly and it still doesn't mention any use of humans to transcribe user audio.
They were not told where the audio was recorded or why it needed to be transcribed, only to transcribe it.
has been paying hundreds of outside contractors to transcribe clips of audio from users of its services, according to people with knowledge of the work.
One of the apps, Live Transcribe, essentially translates spoken words in real-time.
"It has become my go-to any time I need to transcribe interviews.
Thanks to half a million dollars in grant funding from the Council on Library and Information Resources, the University of Washington is supporting a team of volunteers who photograph and transcribe weather records from 19th century ships' logs.
Each student was assigned 18 annual rainfall sheets to transcribe, and each sheet was assigned twice (i.e., to two different students).
Ceolfrith worked with Bede, Benedict Biscop and others to transcribe the beautiful bibles Biscop had brought back on his travels.
A comparison of each genomic duplicate with each transcript DNAH9B could transcribe a complete transcript, dnah9b, but DNAH9A was necessary to co-transcribe DNAH9B with dnah9a.
For example, with NTE an organization can: transcribe large volumes of audio content within an organization's call center to provide rich customer insights and improve service, produce rapid transcription of broadcast media in order to understand and analyze what is being said in near-real time worldwide, or fully transcribe corporate audio and video assets for rapid searching and indexing.
NZNO has not recommended this practice due to the risk for nurses who transcribe medication information from one document to another.