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BOARD. This word is used to designate all the magistrates of a city or borough, or all the managers or directors of any institution; as, the board of aldermen; the board of directors of the Bank of North America. The majority of the board have in general the power to perform the acts of the whole board, but sometimes they are restrained by their charters, and it requires a greater number to perform certain acts.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Together Norman and his wife, a certified occupation therapy assistant, had plenty of experience and knowledge to make a better transfer board. Norman was frustrated with the upkeep that came with traditional transfer boards, saying, "the best it's ever going to be is on the first day you use it." He says without waxing it regularly, it would never stay slick enough for a smooth transfer.
He'd slide off his shoes, pull off his jeans, and use a transfer board to get into bed.
In any event, the worst-case scenario is that I would either be dropped to the floor or injure myself attempting to access the bed using my Beasy transfer board. Equally as bad would be if someone assisting me is injured.
We quickly learned, with my transfer board, how to get me in and out of the backseat and continued our travels throughout England, Scotland, and Wales.
The rest are of lack of better and adequate patient handling equipment, such as slide sheets, transfer boards, wheelchairs, handling belts and trolleys.
The transfer boards, the transfer of inmates, the legal committees, the mechanisms, the guards and the emergency are working every day, and litigation with the relevant judicial authorities and speed up the procedures for the release of inmates./ End
Ferno, which has more than 40 years experience in the medical equipment sector, provides equipment including removal trolleys, scoops and transfer boards, trestles and biers.
When asked whether the teachers annual transfers have been finalized, Mr Ilanko said that actually this is the case, now we have appointed transfer boards with the representation of the Teachers Union and they are reviewing the applications considering their eligibility for transfers, such as age, medical background, subject wise, number of years of service put by the respective teacher in various schools and zones and based on these details they are recommending the transfers.