transfer of property

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Key exemptions include the transfer of property to a spouse, transfer of property worth less than Sh3 million, transfer of securities listed or traded in the Nairobi Stock Exchange as well as machinery and motor vehicles, among others.
According to a short order of the apex court for all reasons to be recorded later, 'All urban areas to which the Land Revenue Act, 1967 does not apply shall be governed by the transfer of the Property Act, 1882 and the Registration Ac of 1908 for the purposes of transfer of property or devolution of any property.
He also noted that the amendment increased the exemption threshold from P200 000 to P500 000 for purposes of computing duty payable upon transfer of property.
In his judgement, the court said the transfer of property will now be done in accordance with transfer of property act.
LAHORE -- Various real-estate dealers on Thursday protested the rate hike on transfer of property in Lahore, citing the 200 percent increase had ruined the sector.
The list should contain the information including address of property, name and address of present owner of property, NIC No, transfer date of property and cost of transfer of property.
The Judicial Department added that the transfer of property to responsible person will take place on December 20.
When there is a properly documented nontax business reason for a transfer of property, the Tax Court recently found that property transferred into a family limited partnership during the life of a decedent was not included in her gross estate.
26.2601-1(b)(1)(i) was amended to further provide that the grandfathering rules do not apply to a transfer of property pursuant to the exercise, release or lapse of a GPA treated as a taxable transfer for gift or estate tax purposes; such a transfer is treated as made by the person holding the power when the exercise, release or lapse becomes effective, and is not considered a "transfer under a trust" irrevocable on Sept.
Whether you are a real estate developer, owner or investor, concerns about potential environmental liability can be a major sticking point in the transfer of property.
New London, almost any commercial enterprise could be a "public use" justifying the forced transfer of property from one private owner to another.
This statute requires such a result where a decedent makes a transfer of property (except in a case of a bona fide sale for adequate and full consideration) under which the decedent retained for life the possession or enjoyment of, or the right to the income from, the property.

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