transfer of title

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Going forward, we are ready to make immediate transfer of title deeds for all new sales," said First Bahrain chief executive Omar Altemiemy.
This circular, in-effect restricts the outright transfer of title and instead requires any security over real property to be registered as a mortgage under the Mortgage Law.
For first-year law students, this pocket text collects most of the rules covered in standard property law casebooks and organizes them into chapters on possession and ownership; common law estates; concurrent ownership; landlords and tenants; easements, profits, and licenses; real covenants and equitable servitudes; real estate brokers; contract of sale; transfer of title by deed; the recording system; title insurance; mortgages; and miscellaneous property doctrines, such as those related to airspace, water, support, agreed boundaries, fixtures, trespass, nuisance, and land use regulations.
This cheque is held by a broker until the final transfer of title by the DLD, when it will be delivered to the seller as part of the full purchase price.
Firstly, there must be an owner of property, secondly, there must be property, thirdly, there must be a person willing to buy property, fourthly, there must be an agreement to transfer title and finally, there has to be an actual transfer of title in the property.
In the event that the vendors agree to comply with the terms of the amended joint venture agreement the board anticipates it will take up to two months to complete the legal formalities of the transfer of title to HOLDCO.
"We are seeing nearly four out of every five transactions being refinanced once buyers have met developer restrictions, if any, on the transfer of title deeds," said Faisal Durrani, Cluttons' International Research and Business Development Manager.
"Clients are now in the process of signing sales agreements and have been assured that transfer of title deeds will take place during the next month.
The transfer of title and delivery ceremony was completed in Toulouse, France on Thursday March 14thwith Airbus officials, Air Pacific executives, and Air Pacific's own aircraft delivery team.
Khemka had ordered the cancellation of the transfer of title of 3.53 acre land in Gurgaon's Shikohpur village from Vadra's firm to real estate giant DLF.
AA transfer of title will ensure your children get the appropriate inheritance but it may lead to a large inheritance tax bill.
Also, race clauses frequently appeared in conveyances limiting the transfer of title of properties to only certain persons and barring others because of their race or religion or ethnic origins.

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