transfer ownership

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Following extensive consultation, Durham County Council's Cabinet took the decision to ask almost 22,000 secure and introductory tenants to vote on whether they would like the council to remain as their landlord or transfer ownership of their home to their current housing services provider.
Last week, councillors agreed to transfer ownership of the historic baths to a charitable trust who intend to turn the space into a multi-purpose community centre.
Calderdale Council will transfer ownership of the Piece Hall in Halifax to the newly-formed Piece Hall Trust.
The proposal aims to transfer ownership of the houses to its three current management organisations (Dale & Valley Homes, Durham City Homes and East Durham Homes) under a new parent body.
Please note that this does not affect fees payable to transfer ownership in the relevant Stud Book [Greyhound Stud Book/Irish Coursing Club].
Addressing a news conference at the Quetta Press Club here, he said Revenue Department had prepared summery and documents to transfer ownership rights of land owned by poor people of Hub and surrounding areas to Arab influential.
Even if you still have several months remaining on your SUV lease, nationwide programs are available that let you transfer ownership of your lease to someone else, essentially letting you walk away from your contract.
Some people who create these entities, however, fall to realize that when they transfer ownership of assets into a trust or an LLC, the personal insurance they purchased for those assets no longer covers them.
Earlier this month, city council member Dan Garodnick challenged the record-breaking deal claiming that MetLife never dissolved the redevelopment company under which it built PCV/ST and qualified for massive tax breaks and therefore was not in a position to transfer ownership.
The two sides are believed to have held talks over a possible deal which will effectively transfer ownership of the Airbus wings plant at Broughton in north east Wales from British to Continental hands.
Where the circumstances do not justify the implication of an obligation to transfer ownership, the law may nevertheless require the implication of a licence, whether exclusive or otherwise, and on such terms as may be necessary to make sense of the commercial bargain between the parties.
On retirement of a key employee, the company may offer to transfer ownership of the key-person policy to the retiree.