transfer property

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According to reports, the assaulter identified as Azmat, wanted his wife to transfer property to his name and on hiswife's refusal tortured her.
It is usually a practice by fraudsters that they transfer property to their close relatives so that when they are convicted they don\'t have to pay up.
The draft law also suggests separation of the National Guard from the Ministry of Defense, detachment of the Internal Troops from the Ministry of Interior and assignment of functions and transfer property of the National Guard to the newly created National Guard of the Kyrgyz Republic.
As per the reports, lenders will transfer property assets into Spain's new bad bank at an average discount of 45 percent to 50 percent of original book value.
The more difficult and costly it is to formally transfer property, the greater the chances that formalized titles will quickly become informal again.
Updated to include current legal considerations including tax issues, chapters discuss how to: identify the property owned, determine who has authority to wind up affairs and who is entitled to inherit the estate, transfer and clear title to property the decedent owned with others, transfer property to a surviving spouse or domestic partner, conduct a simple probate court proceeding by mail, and file income and estate tax returns on behalf of the decedent, among other tasks.
In a typical situation, a parent would transfer property (such as real estate) to a nongrantor trust in exchange for a private annuity; annuity payments could begin immediately or be deferred for a number of years.
The accounts provide a simple way to transfer property to a minor without the complications of a formal trust.
The Second Circuit Court of Appeals and the Ninth Circuit have held that the right to transfer property is a fundamental right of ownership and that any restriction on that right affects the value of the property.
That June 23 decision upheld governments' broad leeway to use eminent domain to transfer property from one private owner to a richer one--in that particular case, from Connecticut homeowners to an upscale real estate development.
As for the victims, the government now has the license to transfer property from those with fewer resources to those with more.
It also states that G can transfer property to each of A, B, C, D, E, F, and H without attracting tax.