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12% A Transferable tax credit on wages, salaries and fringe benefits for nonresident above-the-line personnel
As a transferable asset, shares can be placed in an individual's or a company's estate.
The accounts were not transferable and, thus, not capable of being valued under the willing buyer-willing seller test.
Such opportunities include the acquisition of transferable development rights by zoning lot merger or special permit, and zoning bonuses.
Transferable job skills include basic skills that we can take from one job to another, for example, office skills, or writing, communication, critical thinking, and leadership skills.
Assessment methods are now much more geared to developing transferable skills (although there is still room for improvement)
Transferable skill: A Puerto Rican girl who was bilingual in English and Spanish had an interest in becoming a pediatrician and aspired to be able to translate medical terms for her patients: "If the baby is born, maybe like, if the parents are from Puerto Rico and they don't speak English, I can speak Spanish to them.
Most of the transferable chlorpyrifos residues dissipated after 3 weeks, with the sharpest decrease after 1 week.
for transferable skills from declining industries to stable