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The parties involved in the transferable L/C example could have arranged the transaction on a back-to-back basis.
If a lottery were held to allocate the permits and the permits were not transferable, then the expected value of the k permits to society would be kE(v), where E(v) denotes the mean value placed on the good by members of society.
of local data bank to some of the automated transferable
Provision of rescue vehicles and assistance to victims (vsav) with transferable cell
Students must maintain a minimum cumulative grade-point average of 2.5 out of 4.0 on transferable work.
Developing Transferable Skills: Enhancing Your Research and Employment Potential is a written summary developed for postgraduate researchers, early career researchers, and all those beginning careers in research fields.
* 12% A Transferable tax credit on wages, salaries and fringe benefits for nonresident above-the-line personnel
Individual fishing quotas will be allocated to holders of transferable quotas on the basis of TACs allocated to each member state.
Alternatively should spouses/civil partners change their Wills to remove the trust, leave everything to each other and rely on the Transferable Nil-Rate Band?
Prospect and Unite will work in partnership and focus on ensuring that workers in the nuclear industry have their current skills accredited and help them to develop additional transferable skills to help improve employability.
"Always make sure transferable skills are flagged up - employers place a huge emphasis on these core skills."
You need to identify your transferable skills, develop existing skills and learn new ones to boost your CV.