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TRANSFERENCE, Scotch law. The name of an action by which a suit, which was pending at the time the parties died, is transferred from the deceased to his representatives, in the same condition in which it stood formerly. If it be the pursuer who is dead, the action is called a transference active; if the defender, it is a transference passive. Ersk. Prin. B. 4, t. 1, n. 32.

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Now I have strong reasons for suspecting that after all her symptoms had been relieved Breuer must have discovered from further indications the sexual motivation of the transference [emphasis added], but that the universal nature of this unexpected phenomenon escaped him, with the result that, as though confronted by an "untoward event" [emphasis added] he broke off all further investigation (as cited in Breger, 2009, p.
It is a matter of transference of 3,000 votes while the ECP has record of 800 votes, he added.
Gabbard (1996) has stated, "it is generally more clinically useful to consider transference and counter-transference as a unit .
Therefore, a clear depiction of how transference and counter-transference became enacted within the therapeutic arena was insightfully presented.
The ability to reflect honestly and make use of transference / countertransference phenomena might require consultation, and in most extreme circumstances, transfer of care if unmanageable.
In the process, Penney demonstrates a path for cultural studies that is attuned to historical and cultural specificity as a consequence of attending to the universality of the transference as the linchpin of the social relation.
In the first part of the course, participants are introduced to the concepts of transference and countertransference, subjective and objective countertransference, and the two types of objective countertransference complementary and concordant (to be discussed below).
Other events at Dance Place this month: Rennie Harris Puremovement on the "Winter Heat" program, KanKouran West African Dance Company, and A Light Conversation on Commitment and Transference by Wally Cardona and Rahel Vonmoos.
The concepts of transference and countertransference have their origins in psychoanalysis, but both concepts have made their way into many other modalities of psychotherapy.
He devotes two full chapters to pharmacotherapy and its complications, including important transference and counter-transference issues, and describes family interventions and therapies, group therapy, individual therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapies, psychodynamic therapies, and future considerations.
The Council of Ministers endorsed the transference and amendments of Iraqi ministries and offices, bringing the total for the 2008 budget to 70 billion ID, the highest in Iraq's history," Ali al-Dabagh, spokesman for the Iraqi government, said in statement received by Aswat al-Iraq - Voices of Iraq - (VOI).
Its transference, by its time, constitutes a complex phenomenon that involves different functions, agents and variable factors, forming a process that is not reducible to simple factors, that involves technical, economical and social changes, once they affect not only engineering activities, but also several sides of managing and organization activities (Saad, 2000).