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When The Daily Star asked Hani Francis, one of the engineers with Al-Jihad -- which is supervising the treatment of the dump -- about transferral of waste from the dump to the organic landfill without treatment, he responded that everything was being carried out according to the tender.
Increased electronic prescribing and electronic transferral of medical records are both necessary and inevitable, he maintams, and Wal-Mart is poised for the growth.
This automatic transferral of data requires no manual intervention and reduces hardware and real estate costs; therefore ILM vendors are able to promise a significant Return of Investment (ROI).
Links are increasingly being used in preference to content indexing, not only in search engines but, for instance, to identify communities of Web sites (Flake, Lawrence, Giles, & Coetzee, 2002), or, on a more local scale, to examine social networks and the transferral of memes between webloggers (Marlow, 2001-2002).
The transferral of an extrusion bottle machine from Capsnap France to it's sister company the Greiner Packaging plant in Teresin, Poland means that customers in Central and Eastern Europe will be able to take delivery of Capsnap Europe's high quality, wide range of products.
Check that the original advice on the transferral from your previous employer's scheme was appropriate.
Accenture said it generated a low level of profit from the first year of outsourcing contracts where development and transferral costs are high.
She told me all she could say was that individual institutions may segregate inmates for several reasons, including misbehavior, pending investigation, and before transferral to another institution.
If translation studies are concerned with the transferral of a text from a source language into a target language, "then translation scholars should have had, at least once in their life, both the experience of translating and that of being translated.
The transferral to the fund will take place as soon as possible, probably in about a month", a Treasury official was quoted as saying.
Intel Corp has introduced its Next Generation I/O specification for information transferral between computer servers.
The usual successes are duly noted, including the Greek editiones principes which changed the face of European scholarship, the transferral of the octavo format from devotional to literary texts, and the development of roman and italic type founts, both influential and pleasing.