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The transferral of an extrusion bottle machine from Capsnap France to it's sister company the Greiner Packaging plant in Teresin, Poland means that customers in Central and Eastern Europe will be able to take delivery of Capsnap Europe's high quality, wide range of products.
Check that the original advice on the transferral from your previous employer's scheme was appropriate.
Accenture said it generated a low level of profit from the first year of outsourcing contracts where development and transferral costs are high.
As part of the moving ceremony, Nelson Mandela presided over the transferral of the Olympic Flame to its home for the next week.
In the final analysis, the Unamunian model reveals a dynamic of transferral from the existentialism of ambiguity to the ethics of doubtful merit or culpability through the psychology of envy and anxiety.
She told me all she could say was that individual institutions may segregate inmates for several reasons, including misbehavior, pending investigation, and before transferral to another institution.
The usual successes are duly noted, including the Greek editiones principes which changed the face of European scholarship, the transferral of the octavo format from devotional to literary texts, and the development of roman and italic type founts, both influential and pleasing.
TRANSPORT LAYER: General term for the online infrastructure dealing with data transferral
Mitterrand kept up friendships with some of Vichy's Nazi lackeys, even protecting one from prosecution for rounding up the Jews of Paris for transferral to the death camps.
Thus, Henry's fatherhood is transferred from Golden Grey, his biological son, to Joe, his surrogate son; and the transferral is completed as Golden Grey becomes in a sense Joe's (absent) stepfather through his union with Wild.
The transaction includes the transferral of all assets and trademarks of Selenium to HARMAN.
The transferral of commissioning responsibility for health services in police custody to the NHS and increased funding of [pounds sterling]19.