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Which when the Lord God heard, without delay To Judgement he proceeded on th' accus'd Serpent though brute, unable to transferre The Guilt on him who made him instrument Of mischief, and polluted from the end Of his Creation; justly then accurst, As vitiated in Nature: more to know Concern'd not Man (since he no further knew) Nor alter'd his offence; yet God at last To Satan first in sin his doom apply'd, Though in mysterious terms, judg'd as then best: And on the Serpent thus his curse let fall.
the probe found they had transferre d two payments from customerstotalling almost PS1million to a connected company, Melville LLP Holdings, of which Stephen and several otherfamily members were directors
Seven years later the HighTrustees r acres of the counc nominal r year; and year the G Purposes transferre Parks Com acres of thestate on that both would be park.
Cette acquisition valable d'une chose des mains d'une personne non autorisee deroge au principe nemo plus juris ad alium transferre potest quam se ipse habet (nul ne peut transferer plus de droits a autrui qu'il n'en a lui-meme).
The very word translation comes to us from the Latin translatum, past participle of transfero, transferre.
In fact, the principle nemo plus iuris transferre potest quam ipse habet and its corollaries have been recognized since the Wimbledon Case, when the Permanent Court of International Justice stated that "[n]o doubt any convention creating an obligation .
Sicut inquit Christus: 'Ite in orbem universum, et praedicate Euangelium orani creaturae,' Id enim verbum potentissimum est, quod potest salvare de manibus mortis et Diaboli, ac potentia inferorum, et transferre in regnum Dei.
In inglese l'etimologia di translation viene dal verbo latino transferre, che indica l'attivita di trasferire qualcosa al di la di un corso d'acqua o di una montagna e quindi, metaforicamente, da una lingua ad un'altra o da una realta alla sua rappresentazione verbale o grafica.
The pigeons transferre d from a matching-to-sample discrimination to a matching-to-sample discrimination learned their shift problem faster than those shifted from a nonmatching-to-sample discrimination to a matching-to-sample discrimination, whereas there was no comparable superiority of the pigeons transferred from a nonmatching-to-sample discrimination to a nonmatching-to-sample discrimination to those shifted from a matching-to-sample discrimination to a nonmatching-to-sample discrimination.
Workforce management and monitoring technologies can now be delivered to any desktop with an Internet connection; classroom training of agents has begun to be enhanced or replaced by computer-based "e-learning" that is more engaging for the agents and can be accomplished during slow periods, eliminating the necessity of pulling agents away from the floor; information can be shared easily across channels so any agent servicing any customer can always have the full picture of that customer's activities; calls can be transferre d from one side of the globe to another instantly and transparently, without the quality of service taking a hit.
According to Webster's, the word "translate" comes to us from the Middle English, "translaten, to transport"; and from the Latin, "translatus (the past participle of transferre, to carry across), made up by combining trans- across + -latus, 'carried'" (Webster's).
Mrs Tonks also paid tribute to staff in the intensive care unit at Walsall Manor Hospital, where her son was taken before being transferre d to Oswestry.