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SP (Gender Crime) Shazia Sarwar was transferred and posted as Lahore SP (Investigation) Civil Lines while Kasur SP (Investigation) Dr Anoosh Masood was transferred and posted as Lahore SP (Investigation) Model Town division.
Ghulam Murtaza Metlo has been transferred from Karachi (East) to Jacobabad against the post lying vacant.
Further, the Court ruled that there was an implied agreement that Strangi would retain the right to the income from the assets transferred to the partnership.
Time to treatment was typically 55 minutes longer for a patient transferred for angioplasty than for a patient assigned to get thrombolytic drugs.
(After several weeks of school, another 6th-grade teacher was added, further minimizing the impact caused by the seven children who transferred to that grade under NCLB.)
If D subsequently transferred the same assets to G, would the tax base be 48 percent [100--51%]?
Figure 2 illustrates what may be considered an overlaying effect: That of the vortices in the helical grooves being transferred and turned inside-out layer by layer, where the layers may be considered sequences of the cards.
"Essentially, the new law says that when property is transferred without any change in beneficial ownership, no city transfer tax is due," Schachat explains.
The pension assets transferred to the 401(h) account may be used only to pay medical benefits for retirees under the plan, their spouses, and their dependents.
Indeed, the payment system may be a direct channel through which liquidity and credit problems are transferred from one participant in the financial system to another.
Mohammad Yousuf Gul has been transferred from Moro to Larkana;
The Eighth Circuit recently upheld another case in which taxpayers retained the right to income from property they transferred to a family bruited partnership (FLP) prior to their deaths, and found that the transfer was not a bona fide sale for consideration.