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There, under the guidance of his father's friend, he was instructed in the mysteries of bulling and of bearing, in the strange usages of 'Change in the intricacies of carrying over and of transferring.
You take 'm three fella pound along me," Gogoomy muttered, at the same time scowling his hatred at Sheldon, and transferring half the scowl to Joan and Kwaque.
For some little time, she persisted in the monotonous occupation of transferring her clothes from her trunk to the wardrobe.
The sharp, three-toed talons of the forelimbs seized poor Tippet, and Bradley saw the unfortunate fellow lifted high above the ground as the creature again reared up on its hind legs, immediately transferring Tippet's body to its gaping jaws, which closed with a sickening, crunching sound as Tippet's bones cracked beneath the great teeth.
Again he dipped, transferring to the paper a pinch of brown, flaky tobacco.
He would look and look and then he would say, whisper rather, it didn't take much for his voice to drop to a mere breath--he would declare, transferring his faded stare to the horizon, that he would never rest till he had "got her away from that man.
We shall then acquaint you with our plan for transferring the sum mentioned.
If this grisly operation did not daunt the man, nothing, not even the transferring of honey, would.
Madam,' says he, very respectfully, 'I suppose the greatest part of your estate, which my sister tells me is most of it in money in the Bank of England, lies secure enough, but in case it required transferring, or any way altering its property, it might be necessary to go up to London and settle those things before we went over.
Good SHE is,' echoed Maggy, transferring the pronoun in a most expressive way from herself to her little mother.
At length all these weighty matters being arranged, a day was fixed for selling out and transferring the stock, and of waiting with that view upon Wilkins Flasher, Esquire, stock-broker, of somewhere near the bank, who had been recommended by Mr.
Tulliver's mind, which, as neither aunts nor uncles shared it, was regarded as entirely unreasonable and childish,--indeed, as a transferring toward Wakem of that indignation and hatred which Mr.