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The most common AEs in the TRANSFIGURE study for the 300 mg and 150 mg Cosentyx treatment arms versus placebo were nasopharyngitis (16.
To this end, MATISSE seeks to transfigure light generation in the Mid-IR spectral band by designing new classes of nonlinear frequency mixers.
It is also the story of how art 'sometimes can transfigure catastrophe'.
Over three decades ago, Selective Electronic, known today as LMI Selcom, developed the first in a line of non-contact laser sensors that would transfigure quality control procedures in the tire industry.
The tendency to transfigure his life into one of a Sufi is noticeable at the end of the thirteenth century.
These days the key to technological progress depends on the ability of material scientists to take apart and transfigure the physical stuff of nature into more desired materials.
Nanomedicine - using multipurpose nanoparticles to transfigure the diagnosis and treatment of not only cancer but virtually any disease.
The futuristic airplane is geared up to transfigure air travel with an array of new facets including larger windows, additional space and a new-fangled clean air system plus lighting arrangement intended at trimming down jet lag over and above its superb fuel-efficiency.
Who among us is not aware of the wide range of hardships that transfigure some of our beloved brothers and sisters into unrecognizable shells of their former selves, as famine, drought and disease go unattended and unchecked?
If only to save myself from bitterness, I have attempted to see my personal ordeals as an opportunity to transfigure myself and heal the people involved in the tragic situation that now obtains.