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Every transfigure then, contains a self-loathing indictment of the beastliness of the repressive and violent practices of colonization and enslavement that sustained Europe and colonial societies in the Americas.
At 198 patients, TRANSFIGURE is the largest-ever prospective study in patients with moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis and significant nail involvement.
"Who" we are only appears to us in the form of an unending story told by others (Arendt 1958, 181-88; Nehamas 1985, 163-69) and is distinguished from "what" we appear to be by how we bear and transfigure the effects of our will-to-power.
In the TRANSFIGURE study, patients with nail psoriasis who were treated with Cosentyx 300 mg and 150 mg showed a substantial NAPSI (Nail Psoriasis Severity Index) improvement from baseline of -73% and -63% respectively.
Spegele defines emancipatory international relations as any theory, discourse, paradigm, or approach that seeks to transform, transfigure, or liberate domestic political communities.
Who among us is not aware of the wide range of hardships that transfigure some of our beloved brothers and sisters into unrecognizable shells of their former selves, as famine, drought and disease go unattended and unchecked?
On his journey Rutherford, like the initiate, aborts his Yurugu ego-world, sacrifices his Sethian self, becomes food for the Allmuseri god, and learns to "transfigure all .
To give him credit, Chambers certainly tries to address some ways that poets "transfigure" ritual, but he is more concerned with how liturgy transfigures them and shapes their poetry.
The futuristic airplane is geared up to transfigure air travel with an array of new facets including larger windows, additional space and a new-fangled clean air system plus lighting arrangement intended at trimming down jet lag over and above its superb fuel-efficiency.
If only to save myself from bitterness, I have attempted to see my personal ordeals as an opportunity to transfigure myself and heal the people involved in the tragic situation that now obtains.
The wonderful string quartets (the eerie Kreutzer Sonata and the transfigure d In tima te Le tters) naturally head the menu, but there are also welcome inclusions of Pohadka for cello and piano, and the troubled Violin Sonata.
We prayed for strength in the midst of wrenching loss and hope for a resurrection life that could transfigure even death itself.