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MBL International is excited about adding TransFix (TM) to our growing portfolio of life sciences products," said Christopher Hargadon, VP of Sales and Marketing at MBL International Corporation.
This is a key step in our international strategy to promote TransFix (TM).
One Transfix client has a business to business online networking site offering a translation service for SME businesses worldwide.
Transfix also provides interpreters for organisations, including the police and the health authority as well as major firms based overseas in countries such as India and China.
With a full slide out QWERTY keyboard, the Samsung Transfix is an easy-to-navigate messaging device for Cricket customers who are texting and surfing the web on the go.
We are very pleased to bring the Samsung Transfix to Cricket customers," said Matt Stoiber, vice president and general manager, devices for Cricket.
In addition, for customers who upgrade Transfix digital leased lines, the service activation fee is just 4,000 francs, regardless of the data rate.
France Telecom supervises and maintains the multiservice backbone network and the Transfix lines, and Sollac staff takes care of the rest of the network.