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It was Bohrecheena, the aged friend of Mahtoree; he whose voice had been given in opposition to his own wiser opinions, transfixed with an arrow, and evidently suffering under the pangs of approaching death.
This gentleman, becoming transfixed at the same moment as his lady-mother, could not by any means unfix himself again, but stood stiffly staring at the whole composition with Miss Fanny in the Foreground.
He stood transfixed to the spot, gazing on vacancy.
Just like her, the visitor entered the exhibition as if breaking in: transfixed for a moment, as if cautious to approach these half-length or full-length portraits of relatively young men and women, alone or in groups--dark masses against intensely colored grounds (red, green, blue, or orange), their pale faces and hands surging up, seemingly gripped by some obsession.
CELEBRITY lawyer Jock Brown held a court transfixed yesterday as he tried to argue his way out of a speeding rap.
In the end the case that had transfixed gays and lesbians--and the rest of the nation--came down to a matter of swift justice and parental mercy.
Six years before postpartum depression transfixed the nation during the Andrea Yates tragedy, Margaret Howard, Ph.
Every week my brother and my mom and I would sit, transfixed, laughing hard as we entered the weird world in which Agent 86 and his lovely sidekick, Agent 99 (Barbara Feldon) held the forces of evil and their nemesis, ``KAOS,'' at bay.
As one of the several million who watched, transfixed, tapping wood (the man should have been shot for his first name alone), I'm thinking of suing Mr Brown for the return of that hour of my life wasted on a two-bit charlatan.
Kain's enormous stature was reflected in the star-struck faces of the ballerina wannabes transfixed in the studio doorway.
In his efforts to excavate Asti's terrain and chronicle its inhabitants, Perrone maintains a two-sided relationship with his locale, transfixed by its past while struggling to understand its present.
Transfixed by tales of Virgin Mary sightings, a gay composer turns a journey to Bosnia into a chorus of hope