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1 Another factor which may prevent occurrence of anal stenosis after the LUV procedure, is to leave the hemorrhoidal tissue behind after transfixion sutures.
One other equally ominous aural presence that is introduced in Pylon to reappear in the later book is that of "wirehum" (P 824, 825, 826; JER 7), a term apparently invented by Faulkner and one describing a monotonous, electronically generated drone capable of inducing an involuntary hypnotic reverie in its listener: as a result of an intermittent telephone line on which the voice is replaced by a buzzing, the editor in Pylon falls into transfixion as "he too heard only dead wirehum, as if the other end of it extended beyond atmosphere, into cold space; as though he listened now to the profound sound of infinity, of void itself filled with the cold unceasing murmur of aeonwary and unflagging stars" (825).
Furthermore, the formation, evolution and transfixion of fissures under different temperatures were studied.
5) A transfixion suture-ligation of the neck of the sac is performed by using polypropylene suture material and the excess sac is removed (Figure 3).
When no untoward effect was detected, it was ligated and divided, the rest of the hilar structures clamped and divided with diathermy, and the stump of the bronchus closed with a catgut transfixion stitch.
The child's shock at the episode--his "blue fear"; his leaping back to town among the rocks like a "panting toad"; and his solitary transfixion in the town square where the corpse is dragged--is a complex correlate of the adult's guilt.
The description of the lance anticipates Santa Teresa's account of her transfixion in which the angel thrust his sword into her heart, a description often analyzed for the transparency of its sexual images.
Previously described methods of caudal septal repair Originator Incision Laterality Flap Metzenbaum, (4) 1929 Full transfixion Unilateral Swinging door Peer, (1) 1937 Full transfixion Bilateral Columellar strut Galloway, (2) 1946 Hemitransfixion Bilateral Cartilage advanced into columella Fomon, (3) 1948 Full transfixion Bilateral Columellar strut Goldman, (5) 1956 Full transfixion Bilateral Swinging door Kamer and Churukian, High transfixion Unilateral Swinging door (6) 1984
In the same respect, the ritual followed by the Crew of Light for the murder of a vampire (implying the transfixion of the vampire's heart with a wooden stake or with a knife) has been read in the sexual terms of a "phallic correction" (Craft "Kiss Me" 277).