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Fortunately, the ground where the tent had been pitched, being Just before the city gates, was hard and smooth; and while the Ant still crawled about, Glinda discovered it and ran quickly forward to effect its capture But, Just as her hand was descending, the Witch, now fairly frantic with fear, made her last transformation, and in the form of a huge Griffin sprang through the wall of the tent -- tearing the silk asunder in her rush -- and in a moment had darted away with the speed of a whirlwind.
Glinda came up a moment later, riding the still vigorous Saw-Horse; and having unwound a slender golden thread from her girdle the Sorceress threw it over the head of the panting and helpless Griffin, and so destroyed the magical power of Mombi's transformation.
Don Quixote said no more, and waited for the reply of the princess, who aware of Don Fernando's determination to carry on the deception until Don Quixote had been conveyed to his home, with great ease of manner and gravity made answer, "Whoever told you, valiant Knight of the Rueful Countenance, that I had undergone any change or transformation did not tell you the truth, for I am the same as I was yesterday.
Art often undergoes a transformation while they are pending,
If none of the eleven objects you touch proves to be the transformation of any of the royal family of Ev, then, instead of freeing them, you will yourself become enchanted, and transformed into an article of bric-a-brac or an ornament.
CSC a global leader in next-generation IT services and solutions, and PwC today announced a strategic alliance to accelerate clients enterprise digital transformations with integrated, end-to-end services spanning business and IT, implementation and operations.
Materials scientists and engineers and metallurgists trace the evolving understanding of phase transformations in iron alloys and steels from the earliest studies to the development of modern commercial steels.
Solid [to] Solid Phase Transformations in Inorganic Materials; proceedings; 2v.
Friar emphasizes that transformations in contracting procedures and acquisition leadership are essential and makes some practical suggestions for effective contract administration.
However, there are some other transformations of the cycle that can be applied to insert [E.
Circus-DTE is designed for a world where document portals are everywhere and documents and data must move from one to another on the Web or in business processes, so-called "document transformations.
Data transformations are commonly used tools in quantitative analysis of data.

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