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Transformed is hoping to change that, by making some fundamental changes to the classic kart racer mechanics.
May 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Prematics president and chief executive officer, Kevin Hutchinson, has been named an inaugural member of the Board of Managers for TransforMED LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP).
3]) transformed UROtsa cells grown on serum-containing growth medium and the derived heterotransplants all overexpressed keratin 6a mRNA and protein compared to parental UROtsa cells grown in serumcontaining growth medium.
The School Counseling Leadership Team (SCLT) is a model of a collaborative team formed to advocate for the transformed role of professional school counselors.
She highlights the ways that the general transition from subsistence to commercial farming transformed family relations and gender roles, noting that as men spent more time focusing on market production, women assumed more responsibility pursuing subsistence activities that could maintain their farm families.
The TPG outlined the Department's three-part strategy for transformation: Transformed culture, Transformed processes, and Transformed capabilities.
8) are inverse Fourier transformed [8] to obtain the respective pair distribution functions [gamma](r) (Fig.
First, we have transformed our relationship with Russia.
In our Lord's parable of the Prodigal Son, the crisis was transformed into an opportunity when the wastrel Son came to his senses; it as then that he picked himself out of the mire and returned to his Father.
Poets or artists are forever transformed or transforming themselves, as when, in their poetry, Dante or Petrarch are turned to stone by their beloved, as if they were petrified by the Ovidian Medusa.
954-3(a) (4) (ii) provides that, "If purchased personal property is substantially transformed prior to sale, the property sold will be treated as having been manufactured, produced, or constructed by the selling corporation" (emphasis added).
If he had just transformed, taken a bow, and walked off, things might have been OK.

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