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At the University of Pittsburgh, "we have about 40 surgeons who do total hip replacements, but the range of transfusions between surgeons ranges from one surgeon who transfuses none of his patients to a different surgeon who transfuses 90 percent of his patients."
Considering the fact that only 4% of the population is blood type AB (and thus, the donor pool for the universal donor is very small) the best FFP to transfuse is blood type "compatible" based on the blood type determined in the blood bank and should replace the universal donor as soon as possible.
Although her status as a Jehovah's Witness enhanced the potential for serious surgical complications, including death, our inability to transfuse would not have been an absolute contraindication to surgery if surgery had been deemed necessary.
There was a dispute as to whether or not the physicians agreed to transfuse a patient who did not wish to be transfused.
They spoke of mice dice, republicans, democrats, How stars may be foiled of grand desires, How love may be wept over as an abstraction, How black velvet may suddenly transfuse With tracks and spatters of red blood, How fate waits at a door with a white finger, How beautiful children become drab vagabonds, How the coin of life comes willy-nilly, How Jesus was not ashamed of miracles.
Table-1: Appropriateness of decision to transfuse by departments in public and private hospitals.
* In an unstable or actively bleeding patient, transfuse at the discretion of the treating team.
Of those referred to the ER, the decision to transfuse was also strongly influenced by age (odds ratio, 1.45 per 10 years; 95% confidence interval, 1.13-1.86) and hemoglobin concentrations (0.14 per g/L; 95% confidence interval, 0.05- 0.35).
Haemoglobin of 7 g/dL was taken as a trigger to transfuse packed cells in anaemia.
Cardiff-born professor Marc Turner and his team of academics, working for three of Britain's blood services, will eventually be able to transfuse the blood created using stem cells from embryos left over from IVF, and turn them into a highly useful medical tool.
Asked about GI bleeding risks associated with uncoated, high-dose aspirin, he said, "Our rule of thumb is that it is easier to transfuse blood than to transplant brain."