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Their severity varies from mild (fever and chills) to severe (acute kidney failure or complete vascular collapse and death), depending on the amount of blood transfused, the type of reaction and the person's general health.
For example, transfused patients with infections stayed in the hospital an average of 24 days, compared with 13 days for transfused patients without infections, 18 days for nontransfused patients with infections, and 2 days for nontransfused patients without infections.
In an informal survey conducted by one of his colleagues, physicians were asked whether they would personally want to be transfused if their hemoglobin was at 9, 7, or 3 g/dL.
Cryoprecipitate, a pooled product of 10 or 20 small units with a chance of dilution of one or two high titer units in it, however, can be safely transfused without worrying about the ABO type and significant red-cell hemolysis.
The most sought-after donations are of blood classified as O negative, a type that can be transfused into anyone.
That way, any unit of blood cells could be transfused into any patient, removing the need to match blood types.
At $500 a blood unit, and thousands of units transfused a year, this can save hospitals millions of dollars," Auchinleck says.
The study raises concerns about rules governing the use of about 29 million units of blood transfused every year in the United States.
Local donors produce more than 60 percent of the blood transfused at the center, with the remainder coming from other sources, Gaines said.
experimental vaccines and transfused it into several hu-SCID mice.
How long this takes depends on a multitude of variables including the condition of the patient's heart, kidneys, and circulatory system; the patient's pre-transfusion blood volume; and the age and volume of the transfused cells.