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The public hospital was giving the right amount to the right person as indicated by their near-to-ideal CT ratio, but was not using right product and was still transfusing whole blood.
1) Since that time, several researchers have established the safety of transfusing small aliquots of donor blood to neonates during the entire shelf life of the donor unit.
But many years ago there were experiments with "passive immunotherapy" for HIV -- collecting serum donated from persons who were doing well for a long time despite HIV infection, and transfusing this serum into persons who were sick.
New York, NY) has patented a process for transfusing cells which have been sterilized with radiation and a quencher of type I and type II photodynamic reactions.
Transfusing the "wrong" blood type can trigger the recipient's immune system to attack the foreign blood, causing it to clump--a potentially lethal reaction.
5 NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE, the researchers describe transfusing cancer patients with the immune system stimulator interleukin-2 along with the patients' own, previously collected white blood cells.