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Amador's primary nurse, Dawn Landery, began transfusing the bone marrow into Amador as he lay in his bed.
At the transfusing facility, all employees involved as the unit is processed into inventory, crossmatched, and transfused are at risk.
Plasma proteins can increase adverse patient reactions, so doctors use washed red cells when transfusing patients at risk for allergic or anaphylactic reactions to transfusions.
Although no single measure can eradicate the risk of transfusing bacterial contaminated blood, diversion of the initial blood volume can potentially reduce the incidence.
New studies on the Pall(R) BDS (Bacterial Detection System) find it significantly reduces the risk of transfusing bacterial contaminated platelets, one of the leading causes of death for transfused patients.
The BioArchive System is demonstrably the international standard for collecting, processing, archiving and transfusing cryopreserved stem cells to reconstitute the hematopoietic and immune systems of patients who have undergone high-dose chemotherapy and radiation to combat diseases such as leukemias, lymphomas, diverse inherited anemias and hypoproliferative stem cell disorders.