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The suspect had been questioned by the Public Prosecution, confronted with the recording of his speech and detained pending further investigations after he was accused of inciting to transgress the laws.
His consumption pattern involves contentment, sufficiency, piety, modesty, avoiding transgress that prevents deficiency, waste of resources, social and personal poverty and this pattern does not have negative consequences.
With the exception of more serious crimes - murder, rape, terrorism, for example - anyone transgressing our laws should receive the same treatment as that meted out by the Australian Border Agency, ie transgress that country''s laws and it''s the next plane home.
By recombining, recasting, and recontexualizing its identity with other mediums, actions, and places of dissemination and display, painting can still transgress its normative historical position.
It quoted Maliki as saying that Iraq did "not want to transgress upon anyone, and we reject anyone transgressing upon us or infringing on our sovereignty".
And Wales coach Warren Gatland yesterday revealed he suggested player fines of up to pounds 30,000 for those who recklessly transgress.
If these reports are true, then US troops are participating in and conducting operations beyond what is allowed in the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) and directly transgress our sovereignty," said Ilagan, adding that she is filing a resolution to start investigation on US presence in the south.
Dammam, Saudi Arabia, Dhu-AlQa'dah 29, 1432, Oct 27, 2011, SPA -- Border Guard Command in Eastern Region has intensified its border security surveillance along the borderline to thwart any attempt to infiltrate, smuggle or transgress the borders.
22:39-41) Another key verse clearly defines who is to be fought: "Fight in the way of God those who fight against you, but do not transgress.
Rather than reflecting a direct cause-and-effect relationship between adolescent drinking and adult alcoholism, the study findings indicate the possibility that those who transgress social norms as teens by drinking heavily may be those same individuals who transgress social norms in adulthood by drinking abusively.
This is unless there has been an attempt to transgress the rules.
Trevillian examines links between Christianity and romantic love that transgress traditional marriage laws and argues that transgressive relationships are a force for introducing new possibilities.