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TRANSGRESSION. The violation of a law.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Rather how hast thou yeelded to transgress The strict forbiddance, how to violate The sacred Fruit forbidd'n!
well, legislators and leaders of men, such as Lycurgus, Solon, Mahomet, Napoleon, and so on, were all without exception criminals, from the very fact that, making a new law, they transgressed the ancient one, handed down from their ancestors and held sacred by the people, and they did not stop short at bloodshed either, if that bloodshed--often of innocent persons fighting bravely in defence of ancient law--were of use to their cause.
I trust that I have not unconsciously transgressed against your laws?"
Tyler sent him to college he had never heard the word ethics, and yet I am equally sure that in all his life he never has transgressed a single tenet of the code of ethics of an American gentleman.
Baynes had heard much of his host's summary method of dealing out punishment to malefactors great and small who transgressed the laws or customs of his savage little world which lay beyond the outer ramparts of what men are pleased to call frontiers.
Boiardo's Innamorato, usually studied for its contribution to the real sixteenth century masterpiece, Orlando Furioso, becomes an example of "compromise," as Looney reviews the poet's transitions, his program of citing or using Herodotus and Virgil, and his willingness to transgress literary models.
Either way, we need to look at the ethics of racing and why we have the whip and we need to hear the reasoning of those who transgress the rules, to get an insight into why they act and think like they do.
He duly called on Lebanese factions to endorse the President's remarks and transgress narrow interests and provocations that could separate between them.
In the last minute, the Dees launched another attack and forced the home side to transgress giving them a 16-13 well-deserved win.
But time, circumstances, and social class set them apart as adults until two heinous murders -- crimes of passion -- and the terror that grips the women of the island in their wake, cause Rosa to transgress the social stratification that separates people along caste, class, and color lines and seek out Zuela as the one person who can help her ease the torment gnawing at her soul.
They never transgress the Competence of a sound ballet master.
She envisions that this grass-roots feminist resistance to sexism will generate a "theological politics of difference," characte rized by communities that transgress sexual hierarchies.