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On Wednesday, Abhinandan was chasing Pakistani F-16 fighters which had transgressed into the Indian airspace, and in the process, his MiG 21 Bison crossed over to Pakistani side and was shot down.
Larkana SSP Tanveer Hussain Tunio, who at the head of a committee conducted the inquiry, told Dawn on Sunday that the SHO had transgressed his powers.
"Israel has also transgressed Lebanon's exclusive economic zone by 860 KM2," the statement added.
They pointed out that when the Comelec started sharing its powers with other bodies - whether permanent or ad hoc, the prime task or mandate of Comelec is transgressed and the institutional independence of the poll body is undermined.
What codes of painting remain to be transgressed? With today's flexible and permeable boundaries, how is it possible to infringe upon or go beyond?
Meanwhile' PPP leader and prominent lawyer Fawad Chaudhary has said in today's verdict' the Supreme Court bench has transgressed his authority.
To restore fairness, I believe the BHA will have no choice but to ban the whip altogether or throw out horses whose jockeys have transgressed the rules.
Four gold square coins transgressed into earrings Arabic covering the surface, invocations neither she nor the Frenchman could read.
Unexamined cultural assumptions and dominant ideas are illuminated in this volume by exploring the mechanisms by which limits are set, maintained and transgressed. Such illuminations underpin the collection of papers in this volume.
When Tory MPs (frequently) transgressed and were caught they resigned never to be seen again in government posts.
While the neurobiologist Jean-Pierre Changeux uses the term "plasticity of the brain" to refer to the capacity of synapses to form or reform a bit of information, Malabou's concept of plasticity refers to a being's strategy and capacity to be transgressed, to be other--a dual, contradictory yet inseparable movement involving the sudden emergence and annihilation of form.
The indigenous Guadalcanal islanders felt that in doing this the Malaitans had transgressed ancient tribal land law rules.